Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Reigning Black

Reigning Black

It's been a long time coming . . .

The road to Reigning Black was long, winding and anything but predictable. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth -- it's been an interesting journey that's led us to this destination.
But that was then, this is now and... here... we... go!

We're (Eric Salinas and Nick Kapsis) embarking on an endeavor to document, report, analyze and discuss all things San Antonio Spurs and the NBA. Life-long Spurs and NBA fans, our goal is to bring a passion we've cultivated for over 20-years to the fore and to have it put forth in a fashion that is both informative and entertaining.

We're die-hard basketball junkies, Hemingway we ain't.

Born and bred South Texas boys, we were blessed with the good fortune of being in the right place at the right time: David Robinson arrived; Tim Duncan came a decade later; a Big 3 blossomed; and what ensued was a Black Reign of NBA dominance spanning more than a decade.

The San Antonio Spurs aren't new to success, they've been doing it for years. And for the last 20-years they've been one of the preeminent franchises in all of sports, boasting a .700 winning-percentage, reaching 7 conference-finals and going 4-0 in Finals appearances. In 20 seasons they've managed to miss the playoffs once.

As in one.


That's 19-1, folks; truly a testament to their professionalism, basketball acumen and penchant for hard work -- successful longevity in the NBA or any professional sport are all but synonymous with such qualities. Our basketball fandom just happened to coincide with the Golden Age of our hometown's team. Again, right place... right time. `Basketball been very good to me (us),' as the freshly painted spirit of Sammy Sosa is channeled.

But this blog's name was borne from one fateful day in June, 1997:

And the rest, as they say...

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