Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Champions? You gotta believe

by G. Scott 

The 2010-2011 campaign is underway and the Spurs, as usual, are flying under the radar. Most sports analysts question whether Greg Popovich's team can truly contend for a title. In their secret hearts many, if not most Spurs fans, harbor the same question. But for those of us who have faithfully followed the NBA for decades, and remember Rudy Tomjanovich's famous quote - "Don't ever underestimate the heart of a champion", there is really only one question: Does this group of Spurs players really, truly believe that they can still win it all?"

There is a certain attitude that is clearly visible on teams that believe, that know, they are on a mission to climb to the top of their sport. It is most often described as a "swagger", although that word is as often wrong as it is right. Anyone who goes looking for a swagger on the Spurs' bench has been asleep for the past decade. This team still undeniably belongs to Tim Duncan. And not only does he not swagger, but any teammate who did would be... well... looked at sternly by the Stoic Mr. Duncan.